Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Precautionary Measures

New Standards on Hygienic Practices

1. Thermal screenings of all individuals who enter the hotel premises with strict policy of not admitting anyone with body temperature exceeding 37.5 Degrees Celsius.

2. Hand sanitizers available in all public places within the hotel.

3. All operational staff are required to wear facial masks during working hours.

4. All receptionists are trained to keep themselves updated on the issue of COVID-19 around the globe and to have strict screenings of guests who are travelling from high risk countries. Hospital emergency numbers are readily available for fast contact.

5. Complete detailed information on the prevention of the spread of the virus are posted in several public areas for all guests and staff.

6. Hourly cleaning with disinfectants in all public areas are conducted daily to ensure enhance ease of mind of hotel occupants.